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  1. Here’s a nutritious nighttime option this Halloween that doesn’t include ice cream, candy or chocolate.
  2. 10 recommendations for holding workplace meetings that are neither boring or bad.
  3. U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said that people still need an alternative to the pain medications.
  4. This man says his sister is ‘money hungry’ and believes he has given up a lot to be a caregiver.
  5. Employers will be able to opt out of covering contraception if they have a moral objection.
  6. Some charities are running out of space for donations from Good Samaritans.
  7. This man says his brother has lived rent-free in their mother’s house and he says it’s payback time.
  8. Buyers in San Jose, Calif. and Dayton, Ohio will find wildly different versions of ‘bargain’ home listings, a new report finds.
  9. A new study says the latest generation is breaking the mold in a lot of ways.
  10. This woman has never been to college, rents and says this is the one chance to improve her circumstances.